Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The "Me" That I Can't See

A friend/former colleague of mine was participating in the "compliment challenge" on Facebook yesterday. Basically, you post a status and everyone who comments, you tell them something you like about them. So I gave it a whirl. And this is what she wrote:

To say i'm touched is an understatement. First of all, i've always thought of myself as a TERRIBLE public speaker. So you can imagine that i'm usually a nervous wreck each week as I teach my class lol. But the fact that this woman, someone whom I personally respect and admire, thinks my speaking skills are on point is genuinely amazing to me- mostly because I don't see it.

I had a similar experience with a current colleague of mine- another person who I GREATLY admire and respect. He is currently wrapping up his Doctoral program and so I came to him for advice as i'm starting to navigate my own feelings with starting an ED.D program. To make a long story short on that: i'm terrified lol. One day, he just sat down with me and told me flat out that i'm smarter and more capable than I give myself credit for and if anyone can do this, it is me. (then he vowed not to say anything else nice to me but that's neither here nor there)

The point is, we tend to be our own worst critic. And often times our critiques of ourselves not only are draining/depressing/overwhelming, they are often inaccurate and incomplete. It is when you let this flawed and incomplete self image take hold, that you hinder yourself from all the wonder and powerful things you are meant to do and to be in this life.

With that said, a little reminder to myself and for us all:

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  1. Blessings...
    We are almost always our worst critiques.
    Accept all of you as you are and be open to growing and learning.

    peace and blessings.
    have a great weekend.


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