Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You know you're getting old...

...when you pass by any fast food place and silently tell YOURSELF: There's rice at home!

Because there's always rice at home.
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  1. Fascinating... Guess getting old comes with trying (or pretending) to think long term (or being broke)? :)

    1. I prefer to think of is as being responsible. If i busted my butt cooking, the least I can do is eat the food rather than throwing it out (or letting it collect dust in the back of my fridge).

  2. blessings.......
    here's another, save the money for a better treat for yourself.

  3. Well the fact I dont fancy these eatery these days is that I behave like an economist and you take for instance I earn N50k monthly and I have a wife and a kid and I spend more money on eatery rather than buying the food stuff at home , to what good is that ? The eatery shouldnt be the all day go in and out just to fill your tommy , not at all but just a once in a while avenue to please your friend , lover or child . Am just saying my own opinion ooh


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