Thursday, March 10, 2016

Adulting is Weird

I've been an adult for a while now. I was speaking with a friend a while back and he mentioned that he wanted to buy something nice for one of his lil ones because the kid did well on his exams. I said i did well on my exams too, so where is my gift? To which he responded that the last time i had written an exam Obama hadn't been re-elected yet. We laughed and of course i said that wasn't true...until i sat and thought about it. And dammit, it is true! The last exam i took/wrote was in July of 2012.

Have i really been doing this Adulting thing for that long?!?

Its still weird to me that every day i get up and get dressed and go to work. And that for the rest of my life thats likely what i'll do.

There are no more "spring/summer/winter breaks" where for 1-4 weeks i can sit around doing absolutely nothing. Now, during the school breaks...what i do for fun is dress causally at work since there are no students around. Well, except the workstudys.

And don't even get me started on the "grown-up people issues" i deal with. Auto financing loan rates, buying a house, life insurance policies, making my own doctors appointments. Bruh.

This Adulting thing is for the birds!


  1. Looolll. We were living a life of illusion when as young children, we just couldn't wait to be adults, so we could flex.

    InterTribal Marriage can get you into trouble

  2. Shout it from the rooftop!!!!!!!!!

  3. blessings....
    That's life, living the grind.

    Happy adulthood.


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