Thursday, March 10, 2016

Adulting is Weird

I've been an adult for a while now. I was speaking with a friend a while back and he mentioned that he wanted to buy something nice for one of his lil ones because the kid did well on his exams. I said i did well on my exams too, so where is my gift? To which he responded that the last time i had written an exam Obama hadn't been re-elected yet. We laughed and of course i said that wasn't true...until i sat and thought about it. And dammit, it is true! The last exam i took/wrote was in July of 2012.

Have i really been doing this Adulting thing for that long?!?

Its still weird to me that every day i get up and get dressed and go to work. And that for the rest of my life thats likely what i'll do.

There are no more "spring/summer/winter breaks" where for 1-4 weeks i can sit around doing absolutely nothing. Now, during the school breaks...what i do for fun is dress causally at work since there are no students around. Well, except the workstudys.

And don't even get me started on the "grown-up people issues" i deal with. Auto financing loan rates, buying a house, life insurance policies, making my own doctors appointments. Bruh.

This Adulting thing is for the birds!