Monday, February 8, 2016

Won't He Do It

I was havin such an off day saturday. Found $5 but then lost $14. Went to throw my trash out and ended up locking my keys (and everything else) in my car...while it was running. Usually I have my house keys in my pocket *pats pockets* not today. So I go to the leasing office to get the master key so i can run back up to my place and grab my spare car keys...and there's only one staff member there and she's taking forever and a day with whomever she was meeting with. Eventually i got into my car and headed off. Went into work thinking i'd only be there for like 5 minutes...ended up staying there for an hour. Drove to Target...made the wrong turn and ended up sitting in traffic just to go around the corner. Then they didn't even have what i needed. Made a stop at my students' apartments to make sure they had cleaned such luck. Checked 4 apartments...all but 1 were a complete disaster. And the 1 that WASN'T a complete disaster was still a hot mess the trash can was missing. By now its like 3pm and I haven't even eaten. So i head over to this Jamaican spot i found down the street from my house when all of a sudden my car starts riding really funny. I'm so exasperated that I didn't even bother checking it when I got out to order my food.

When i got into the restaurant, the guy ahead of me was getting his food. His total came up to something and 52 cents. The lady at the counter asked if he had exact change (i assume she didn't have change in the know how these things go at small shops/mama put type places). He pulled out 25 cents and some pennies and said no. Overhearing, i offer the man the 3 dimes i have in my pocket. To say thank you, the guy paid for my food. I only wanted a pattie and something to drink so even though he offered to buy me a whole meal, thats all i took. When I got back outside, my car was fine. When i reached home, i found that $14 i lost this morning.

Ain't God Good?!?


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