Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The funny thing about #wastehistime2016

So we've all seen, laughed at (and participated) in this waste his time 2016 hashtag business. The funniest thing i've seen about this hashtag was that the menfolk decided to clapback with a hashtag of their own:


That, in and of itself, was not surprising because boys are stupid.

What was REALLY funny was that all the agenda points in their #wastehertime2016 campaign were things the typical yoruba demon male are already guilty of doing on a regular basis to begin with and the catalyst behind #wastehistime2016 from the get go.

Silly boys.


  1. Ha! Wish you had shared one or two tweets do that we could know what you are talking!

  2. blessings....
    haven't seen, haven't heard till this moment......
    Have a great Sunday


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