Friday, January 29, 2016

With Somebody Who Loves Me

Last night i found myself on a trip down the Whitney Houston classic hits wormhole. And seeing as how its friday...and cold out (depending where you are), here's a little mood music for you!

When the night falls and loneliness calls, may we all have somebody to dance with that loves us. 

Have a good weekend everybody :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The funny thing about #wastehistime2016

So we've all seen, laughed at (and participated) in this waste his time 2016 hashtag business. The funniest thing i've seen about this hashtag was that the menfolk decided to clapback with a hashtag of their own:


That, in and of itself, was not surprising because boys are stupid.

What was REALLY funny was that all the agenda points in their #wastehertime2016 campaign were things the typical yoruba demon male are already guilty of doing on a regular basis to begin with and the catalyst behind #wastehistime2016 from the get go.

Silly boys.

Monday, January 11, 2016

1.3 billion dollars

Thats the current jackpot for the Powerball.


What i wouldn't give to hit the number right about now.

It was 900 million dollars on saturday. I played. Numbers that a friend of mine gave me. I did not win. Not even $4. That friend has a swift ass-kicking coming to him.

What do you do with $1.3 billion? Where do you even keep it? Certainly not in a bank. FDIC only insures up to $250k last time i checked.

As i was hit with the Powerball frenzy over the weekend, i began giving serious thought to what the heck i'd do with 900million (only about 400million after taxes). Laughably, i said i'd still go to work. Probably not full-time but definitely part-time at least. if for no other reason than avoiding boredom.

Buuuuuuuut, even after i disappointingly crumbled up my ticket full of losing numbers, i said to myself that going to work after winning the damn lottery was a crock of bull lol.

I do have lots of ideas for how i'd spend that kind of money. What would you do if you won a substantial amount of money?

I for one intend to play Powerball again this week. Pray for me guys :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 is done. Welcome to 2016!

Cliche post ahead

2015 was an interesting year...much like every other year of our existence. A lot of failures but also a lot of success. Growth and maturity, but setbacks and personal challenges. Made friends, lost friends. Looked back at what was but embraced what came as well.

2015 is over. Here's to bigger and better in 2016 for us all.