Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Every Moment

A couple of years ago, i wrote a post about my beloved Jodeci. Specifically what role Dalvin and DeVante Swing played in the group.

After watching the video for Every Moment, i can say once again that they indeed are the eye candy. At least DeVante is (still). Even with that awful face tattoo, he was fine as shit in this vid (pardon my french).

Can you imagine, until i actually saw this video (which was only a couple of weeks ago), i just assumed the song was one of their oldies that i just never heard before. This song is truly everything. I can't even count how many choruses of yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss! escaped my lips as i listened/watched.

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  1. Blessings and happy new year.
    All the best to you and yours.

    May you have more triumphs than trials
    More joy than sorrow
    More support than judgement
    More Inspiration than discouragement
    More resources and access than obstacles
    and may you know through it all
    That you are blessed and a blessed (by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody)



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