Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ms. Independent

I've almost always been fiercely independent...a loner of sorts. Partially because i was just raised that way. If YOU want something, YOU work for it. (Not to say that i'm not also a princess who could probably get whatever she wanted from her parents within reason lol). The same rings true til today.

Nowadays though, my independence stems from not wanting to feel indebted. What i've learned over the years, especially the last few years, is that things people do for you have a funny little tendency to grow strings. Things done for you, whether you asked for them or not, that were supposedly done out of friendship/love/concern all of a sudden become fodder to be thrown in your face when the spirit moves people.

Which is why i tend not to ask people for shit...even when i really need it.

Once bitten, twice shy.

I will go ahead and contradict this entire post by acknowledging a random act of kindness i recently (and quite unexpectedly) received. Don't think this post has anything to do with you. You know who YOU are lol. ;)


  1. It really does. Even if it is not verbalized. You can see it in the person's eyes especially when it comes to a demand (usually unreasonable) they've made of you and you've turned them down. Pays to be independent - sometimes.


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