Monday, August 17, 2015

Some people will buy ANYTHING!

I was cruising the streets of facebook and saw a article about a woman who sells her panties on the internet.

No she's not a seamstress or whatever you call people who manufacture undergarments.

She's selling her used- worn for several days at a time- panties. That is one helluva side hustle! My first reaction honestly was...where do I sign up? I have tons of underwear that are just sitting around and if some perv or closet crossdresser or whoever wants to pay me for them, who am I to object?!?

I really would like to meet the person who even came up with this idea. I've been contemplating what my side hustle should be, and while "other" work of some sort that wouldn't make me feel completely amoral came to mind, selling my dirty drawers never crossed my mind lol.

I'm talking big now, but I can't imagine actually going through with anything like this but for those who can...more power to ya!

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  1. Lool I saw this in season 3 of Orange is the New Black. Girl, i do not understand it too but it's apparently a thing. Leme know when you find a place to sign up *tongue in cheek*


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