Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sandra Bland

I had another post in my drafts that I was working on but thats gonna have to wait. I HAVE to talk about this Sandra Bland case. I honestly haven't said much anywhere or to anyone because Strange Fruit has become the order of the day in this country as of late. But i'm gonna keep it real, this particular case is freaking me the fuck out. The whole story from the beginning was sketchy as fuck but the more details are revealed...this shit is actually horrifying.

Of course we don't believe this woman hung herself. Of course we don't believe that she was justly arrested for failing to signal her lane change or that she physically assaulted that officer. And while I obviously didn't know her personally, I find it ridiculously hard to believe that she'd up and commit suicide considering she was an outspoken social justice activist who had just landed what we've been told is her dream job.

I didn't watch the entire dash cam video.(well technically nobody did since it was clearly edited) I couldn't. Once we get to the point where she's yelling about her head being slammed into the concrete, i had had enough.

I could barely stomach this flimsy excuse of her hanging herself with a bedsheet. A story which later changed to she hung herself with a garbage bag. Bruh. A garbage bag? I'm no scientist but how the hell do you even accomplish that?

What really set me over the edge is her mugshot...more specifically the speculation surrounding it. I'm not gonna post it because I honestly can barely bring myself to look at it anymore. But to think that she might have actually already been dead before they took the picture...yo. This is BEYOND disturbing. My soul actually hurts.

Seriously. This whole thing is terrifying.


  1. We need to find a new synonym for America!!! I think all the words that would have worked would down play how horrifying a country its becoming

  2. This is not only terrifying but also sad.


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