Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maybe im just too sensitive

...but this never ending barrage of side piece jokes are just not funny. Like, why is this whole sidepiece lifestyle/fad/thing even a thing? Its like its so normalized that theres not even any shock value left in it. Like its an expectation that a sidepiece be involved in every relationship. Seriously, why the hell is this a thing???

Im not naive enough to think that mistresses are a new phenomena. But damn, what happened to discretion? If you dont want to be in a monogamous relationship, why play the game? Clearly theres a shit ton of people who have no problem being side items so why not just play with them?

IDK man. This whole thing is super annoying.


  1. Blessings.....

    I so agree. I think in this day and age monogamy is not the only lifestyle and men and women who do not believe in it do not have to adhere to it as there are many alternatives for them to choose from. Sadly many as you stated like to play the game, men are excused for being "men" and many women legitimize their behavior by accepting and not holding them accountable for their philandering ways. What we see instead is women engaging in malicious behavior with each other and a sad competitiveness of one upmanship of whose the most desirable etc, etc.

  2. These days it seems like the line between what is right and wrong has faded. What used to be considered as wrong is now right in some context. Since most people want their lives in full display on social media, these things show.


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