Monday, March 23, 2015

Thirst trap

I recently took a trip to the dark side of the social media spectrum via the avenue known as Mocospace. Do any of ya'll use that? If so, im judging you lol. That place is like the ultimate thirst trap lol. I was on it for like 3 days and in that short amount time I had like 30 dudes in my inbox. I only posted like 1 pic, granted it was a nice pic, still it was only 1 pic and all that. Some dudes were blatantly like "heres my number beautiful, call me." Its like blackplanet meets plenty of fish meets tinder. I cannot. Lol. It actually made me laugh. I dont understand how anyone can display such extreme levels of thirst and still respect themselves in the morning. Its all good tho. I had to delete my page real quick. That stupid app wasnt giving me any peace.

So. How is everyone else doing? Any body else out in these streets thirstin?

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