Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm so mad that i could scream

Until recently, that was just another dramatic, hyperbolic statement. But the other day. Man, make I tell you. I don't know what unearthly sound that was that escaped my mouth but jeez. Whomever came up with the statement i'm so mad i can scream....i can totally relate now! LOL

I don't even want to say I was mad. I don't usually get mad. I'm not even sure what mad really is. I do know that I get irritated/annoyed quite often. And my patience for foolishness is very thin. But is that the same thing as being upset? No, right?

Either way. I got so angry that I screamed. A loud and healthy scream. At least I was alone. And not in public, frightening small children and grown folks alike.


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