Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Divorce is weird

From the outside looking in at least. I know so many people who have divorced already and we've not even crossed into our 30s yet. My best friend has been divorced for like 5 years and we're only 28! IDK. I guess divorce is just one of those things you don't expect to see this early in life.

Its also weird when the couple seemed so in love and so suited for each other. Then all of a sudden you stop seeing them post pics with each other, and facebook names change and the next thing you know one of the two is announcing that they are in a relationship with so-and-so. Its crazy.

On the plus side, i've also seen my peers/associates come to the brink of divorce and decide instead to try and make it work. That makes me smile. Even when the people aren't ones that are close to me.

Its also weird/crazy to me to see really old people get a divorce. Its like, what the heck. Seriously, you've been married for like 30 years now all of a sudden you don't want the person anymore? Not even that, what is your old ass about to do out in the dating world when you're a freaking 100?!? Let my future husband try that nonsense. mscheeeeew.


  1. haha. its weird but i was just discussing with my friend about how i feel there should be an age cut off for when people should get married because at a certain age i dont think we know what we want yet.

    And yea men, its so weird you see seemingly happy couples and next thing its over. life is weird.

  2. I'm getting you. The old ones getting divorced floors me every time. Like really????

  3. What really scares me are the under 30s divorced with 2 kids (or no kids but usually with at least 1 kid). How? How do you say forever and be out in 3 years or less. That is freaking scary.

  4. My dear you are right. I am happy I grew up in a divorce free household. I don't know how I would have felt if my parents were divorced

  5. *sigh* It's weird and sad,but it seem to be normal these days.Nobody fixes anything anymore,they just get a new one.

  6. I don't have any friends who have gotten divorced, many of them aren't even married. Divorce is kinda scary and weird, my parents got divorced about 4 years ago in their late 40s. I guess cos of this, when I see old pple getting divorced, I'm thinking "damn, that must have been really bad for u to want to get out now".


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