Friday, January 30, 2015

Man logic aint that logical

So the other day I'm cruising the streets of facebook and I see an interesting story/wwyd question. Basically, a man and woman whom have been together for several years decide to have a threesome (the dude, the babe, and another babe)- i'm assuming this is at the instance of the dude. After they are married, the wife asks to invite another man into their bed. The dude agrees under the stipulation that he be there for sake of safety. So they go on Craigslist (or wherever), find a guy and the deed is done. Afterwards, the dude feels some type of way about the situation and is now looking at his wife differently.

The question posed to us, the readers, was "if you were in the husband's shoes, would you allow your spouse to invite another man into your bed while you just watched?"

Now of course, the conversation went a million different directions. The most prevalent arguments being that he can't be mad if 1) he said it was ok and 2) she fulfilled his request as well. One of the good questions that came up was why didn't the hubby participate. Of course the men are all saying "why would he want to have sex with another man"?

And there lies my bone of contention. Why is it that men expect their women to be overjoyed at (or at least entertain) the idea of sleeping with another woman for their enjoyment, but cannot fathom having to sleep with another man for their woman's enjoyment? Where exactly is the logic in that? Its just as "gay" for a woman to have sex with another woman as it is for a man to have sex with another man. And if your girl/wife was willing to compromise, why can't you?

man ain't that logical.


  1. Blessings....
    You open the door to those circumstances/situations then you open the door to the consequence of those choices.

    Its simple for me. I don't share, period.

  2. Truth.

    I always said I'd be down for another chick in the bed if I could get another man in there FIRST. And they always back down off the request after that. I don't understand that either. I'm not in the interested in having sex with another woman or watching another woman having sex with my man, but that's almost expected. But for men it's a whole different story? The double standard is strong.

    1. Because they know that we are taught to be open and down for ANY and EVERY THING to "keep them". Unfortunately (or fortunately) not all of us are sipping that foolish kool-aid


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