Friday, December 5, 2014

Why...oh why

Why did i volunteer to work tomorrow? I KNEW i didnt really want to as soon as i was asked. in less than 12hrs i will be rushing back out of this house and busting my hump all day.

Why am i doing this? I'd like to say because im nice and doing a colleague a favor. But the real answer is POVERTY! LOL. Nobody wants to be broke around the holidays.


  1. Oh I know these kinda decisions; you make them and then you think "What the hell was I thinking? Maybe I was jazzed"... I bet the extra "bread" that'll come in will make it worthwhile. Plus, now that colleague will owe you a favor that can materialize into something major. Longterm win-win, I hope.

  2. Lool er well, make the best of it. Take warm hug ((((()))))


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