Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And just like that

The year is over!

Before we get into all our hopes and dreams for 2015, lets talk about my bday and Christmas.

My BirthMas was interesting. I got to go to my fave restaurant, went all over downtown Atlanta, and had lots of food and fun for Christmas. Not to mention the presents lol.

The one downside was that I didnt
make it home for the holidays. My first Christmas ever without my parents. Boy was i emotional. But i made it through. With only a few tears.

I hope u all had an awesome holiday and you all have an amazing 2015 ahead of you!



  1. Happy new year to you Lady Ngo :D

  2. Blessings & Happy New Year.
    Time waits on no one, it simply marches on.


  3. Happy Belated Birthday lady. Sorry I am so late. I was offline for the last 2 weeks of December and the first couple of days in Jan. I'm sorry you didn't make it home. The first Christmas without the parents is always the hardest.


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