Monday, October 27, 2014

Mothers and their sons

Recently i was speaking with a woman who has all boys. In a nutshell she basically said that she doesnt really care about the choices her sons make with the women in their lives (i.e. if the women are right for them, if her sons are good to these women, etc). She went on to say that maybe if she had daughters, she would have that concern but since she doesnt blah blah blah.
Now, i dont mean any disrespect to her...and since i dont have any kids myself, i cant really say for sure buuuuuuut...
I feel like if my sons were scumbags, i'd feel like a failure as a mother/woman. I mean...obviously your kids are gonna go the way they choose to go but dang. I would hope that if i didnt teach them anything else that i at least taught them how to be decent men/human beings.
I see similar nonsense with a lot of the young mothers i've seen. Always going on and on about these "fast ass girls" and keeping them away from their precious sons. I cant help but chuckle to myself and say considering the fact that you have this child with a dude who isnt your husband (or even in the picture in some cases), are you not the same fast ass girl you dont want corrupting your son? Dont you think the mother of your child's father probably said the same thing about you?
I swear, we as women dont have no act right at all when it comes to how we relate to one another sometimes.


  1. It's pity that a parent can feel that the sex of a child determines whether or not they, as a parent, should care about their life choices. You show your child how to care and empathise by caring for him and respecting other people in general.

  2. As a mother of boys I can assure you I will be concerned about the type of girls they bring into OUR lives.
    Unfortunately, some women 'unleash' their sons and see them as avenging whatever wrongs they have suffered i.e. having a playboy son is seen as fantastic by some who have been mistreated by men.
    To each his/ her own but the basic issue we have here is that we dont need exams to have a child.
    immoral people raising children are as dangerous as terrorist - they eventually unleash harm to the wider society :(

  3. Ok! This is liek my 4th attempt to leave a is eating 'em up!
    All women were once sisi, before they became wifey, then mama, later MIL, then granny. So if she says, 'fast ass girls', she is also speaking to herself!

    All men should be taught respect and say NO! To any form of abuse! I simply don't like the idea that some women think their sons are doing any girl they are dating or marrying a favour!


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