Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Finally i got tagged for this 20 thingy things tag. As if i dont randomly go on about myself enough around here. Here we go:

1) I watch cartoons more than any other type of tv show
2) Crime shows are a close second
3) I have a not-so-secret desire to live and work abroad. There was a time where i was actively looking for positions in London, Naija, and Ghana. We'll see if thi ever comes to fruition.
4) I've never been on a cruise...despite planning to on at least 5 different occassions. Someday
5) I own a pair of socks that have full-length photos of Jay and Bey on them lol. Dont judge me, i havent even worn them yet
6) I want a cat...even though i think theres a high probability that they are demonic
7) I hate asking for help...or anything really. When i was in undergrad, my mom would actually call me to offer me money/care packages/etc because she knew there was a good chance i was sitting in my res hall broke and hungry but that i wouldnt tell her
8) I have like 5 gray hairs. Its a lil depressing.
9) Theres only 2 reasons i wanna get married: to have a big party and to be able to say i got married
10) There is not a single door on my car that is completely functional. The struggle is so real.
11) Im very tempted to put on a costume and go trick or treating. I wonder if i could pass as a slightly overdeveloped child.
12) I want a brownie...and a cookie. And some ice cream.
13) I also want some pizza...and a philly cheesesteak...and some pork fried rice
14) I promise im not pregnant
15) IDK why so many people's first impression of me is that i'm mean/unfriendly/violent.
16) For some reason, i love doing laundry. And grocery shopping. And vacuuming. These are the only chores i enjoy in any way.
17) I am strongly considering doing the big chop. Its been about a yr and a half since my last relaxer and i have like 3 or 4 different hair textures/curl patterns going on here. Its gotta be easier just dealing with the one.
18) Im slowly starting forget things about my hometown. I need to visit asap.
19) The Atlanta skyline hasnt stopped captivating me. Especially at night.
20) It took me 2 1/2 years, but i finally made it to the Atlanta Underground.

Welp, thats my 20. IDK who hasnt done this yet. If thats you, consider this your tag. Share 20 randomly random things about yourself with us. 


  1. #9 made me laugh, sorry, I couldn't help it, like seriously Lady? Not even for looove huh?
    I like #16 also, esp grocery shopping.
    LOL @ #11. I am so with you on #1 and # 2.
    Nice knowing more about you.

  2. LMAO i dare you to post No 5 on the blog, i wanna see. As for No 8, i have 2 strands in different locations and when i pull them out they grow right back., No 10. God will grant you a new car soon.
    Nice listing

  3. Grey hairs? Welcome to menopause lool I used to have one right in front of my head that i guarded jealously but it cut and refused to grow back. I kinda miss it

    1. Hahaha... We should form an association of gray-haired girls. Toin I know I still owe you my own list.

  4. Hahahaha i tagged and she posted. Awwwww thanks boo. I'd have preferred a picture supporting No 5 instead of the Atlanta underground picture

  5. No 6 hahahahaha. in my mind cats are demonic ^ _^

  6. @ no 14 why the promise, just give us a picture *wink*
    Grey hairs are for wise people....trying to make you feel better.

  7. I absolutely LOVE cats. I can never imagine my dream house without them. yes. plural.
    #7! no way! I never had that problem lol . I think I was the squeakiest wheel ever as a child lol. I think I tired my mother.
    #14 :D

  8. #2 I'm paranoid as it is already at night. Crime shows will add to my confusion

    #3 Cats are demonic hahaha. Even if they're super cute and not black with green eyes?

    #17 I remember before going natural when I stretched and stretched out my relaxers. THe "big chop" happend almost 2 years later and it wasn't really a big chop cos all I had to do was trim the relaxed ends.

    That was an easy way to go natural for me cos I didn't want short hair.


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