Monday, October 27, 2014

Mothers and their sons

Recently i was speaking with a woman who has all boys. In a nutshell she basically said that she doesnt really care about the choices her sons make with the women in their lives (i.e. if the women are right for them, if her sons are good to these women, etc). She went on to say that maybe if she had daughters, she would have that concern but since she doesnt blah blah blah.
Now, i dont mean any disrespect to her...and since i dont have any kids myself, i cant really say for sure buuuuuuut...
I feel like if my sons were scumbags, i'd feel like a failure as a mother/woman. I mean...obviously your kids are gonna go the way they choose to go but dang. I would hope that if i didnt teach them anything else that i at least taught them how to be decent men/human beings.
I see similar nonsense with a lot of the young mothers i've seen. Always going on and on about these "fast ass girls" and keeping them away from their precious sons. I cant help but chuckle to myself and say considering the fact that you have this child with a dude who isnt your husband (or even in the picture in some cases), are you not the same fast ass girl you dont want corrupting your son? Dont you think the mother of your child's father probably said the same thing about you?
I swear, we as women dont have no act right at all when it comes to how we relate to one another sometimes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Finally i got tagged for this 20 thingy things tag. As if i dont randomly go on about myself enough around here. Here we go:

1) I watch cartoons more than any other type of tv show
2) Crime shows are a close second
3) I have a not-so-secret desire to live and work abroad. There was a time where i was actively looking for positions in London, Naija, and Ghana. We'll see if thi ever comes to fruition.
4) I've never been on a cruise...despite planning to on at least 5 different occassions. Someday
5) I own a pair of socks that have full-length photos of Jay and Bey on them lol. Dont judge me, i havent even worn them yet
6) I want a cat...even though i think theres a high probability that they are demonic
7) I hate asking for help...or anything really. When i was in undergrad, my mom would actually call me to offer me money/care packages/etc because she knew there was a good chance i was sitting in my res hall broke and hungry but that i wouldnt tell her
8) I have like 5 gray hairs. Its a lil depressing.
9) Theres only 2 reasons i wanna get married: to have a big party and to be able to say i got married
10) There is not a single door on my car that is completely functional. The struggle is so real.
11) Im very tempted to put on a costume and go trick or treating. I wonder if i could pass as a slightly overdeveloped child.
12) I want a brownie...and a cookie. And some ice cream.
13) I also want some pizza...and a philly cheesesteak...and some pork fried rice
14) I promise im not pregnant
15) IDK why so many people's first impression of me is that i'm mean/unfriendly/violent.
16) For some reason, i love doing laundry. And grocery shopping. And vacuuming. These are the only chores i enjoy in any way.
17) I am strongly considering doing the big chop. Its been about a yr and a half since my last relaxer and i have like 3 or 4 different hair textures/curl patterns going on here. Its gotta be easier just dealing with the one.
18) Im slowly starting forget things about my hometown. I need to visit asap.
19) The Atlanta skyline hasnt stopped captivating me. Especially at night.
20) It took me 2 1/2 years, but i finally made it to the Atlanta Underground.

Welp, thats my 20. IDK who hasnt done this yet. If thats you, consider this your tag. Share 20 randomly random things about yourself with us. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Legal Matters

I watch a lot of cop shows (besides reality tv, what else is there right). They tend to raise a lot of questions in my mind. Like, how come cops/feds/whoever never just shoot the bad guy in the arm or the kneecap (i hear thats incredibly painful, hope i never find out)? Always go for the killshot. And lawyers...urgh. My disdain is sky high lol. Im not gonna lie, if i did something illegal, i would want my lawyer doing every damn thing they could to keep me outta the slammer but watching these shows...its just like ewww. How can you defend a murderer, rapist, or whatever when you KNOW the only defense you have are legal technicalities? Then you have the friends and families of the perps. They are always either in complete denial or totally unwilling to cooperate.

Which brings me to my question to anyone reading this:
If someone you knew, a family member or spouse perhaps, committed a crime, would you cooperate with the investigation? If you had to take the witness stand, would you willingly perjure yourself to keep them outta jail? What if they asked you to lie (which most likely means they actually are guilty)?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tales of baby mamas and baby daddies

Why is it that when a man has an awful baby mama , we're all quick to/expected to sympathize with him. But when a single mother has a deadbeat baby daddy, the natural inclination is to blame her for choosing to lay with said deadbeat?

Men have far more control over whom they procreate with- a sentiment most people fail to realize. Sure, women are the ones with the "right to choose" (if youre in the right place) but if the woman wasnt pregnant to begin with then it wouldnt even come to that. Afterall, whens the last time a woman shot an egg (and means to incubate a developing child) at a man? Right.

To be honest, theres very little a woman can do to control a mans actions once he's in there. Take it from someone who has been on the victim end of an aint shit person who did the quick dip out-slide the condom off-and slip back in move. Thankfully there was no pregnancy and no germs picked up. Believe me ladies and gents, your dear friend Lady Ngo would surely have caught a body behind that foolishness had the outcome been different. I will tell you that this scuzzbucket is no longer on this continent and if he knows whats good for him he had best not let me catch him anywhere near me.

Im rambling, i know lol. but i just get so tired of the narrative. and especially with the double standard it comes with.

Please feel free to agree or disagree with me.

*I just realized i did 2 pregnancy based posts in a row. relax your eyebrows and furrowed brows folks. im not trying to subliminally tell u anything lol.