Monday, September 29, 2014


Pregnancy is like this horrifying yet magical thing. Its like "awww, theres a baby in there" but "aaaargh, theres a baby in there. Wtf bro? OMG its moving!!!" lol

Clearly im not ready for motherhood.

Anyways, if i owe u something from that pay it forward post i did forever ago, please email me at (and thank u YSU for reminding me)

Sidenote: thanks for checking on me (those of u who did). I have been gone for awhile for...reasons. Anywho, I have been reading ur blogs, just that i've been doing so from my tablet and leaving comments has proven practically impossible for some reason.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The finer things in life

I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds the other day about a high priced call girl/escort/hooker who was killing off her wealthy customers. And it got me to wondering, how do you even get in that line of work? Not hooking in general, because that seems simple enough lol. But being a high-priced does that work? I mean, in the episode this girl was gettin paid like $10000 a session. Thats some serious bread for something one culd probably get for free.
Now, i'm not saying im bout that life...but i am curious how does one even go about acquiring a job like that at that pay rate lol. Like, do you fill out an application, go for a test run to determine how much your cookie is worth, do they do open house recruiting? IDK.

Sidenote: what i did learn from this episode is that dudes are stupid. How can you be told that theres a hooker killing off your colleagues and still be frequenting your hooker anyway? Like  you really couldnt give it a few days until she got arrested? men, smh.