Friday, June 27, 2014

Would this be a problem for you?

So i'm sitting, chillin...plotting on how to take over the world when a guy friend of mine walks past. He doubles back and stops at my door and starts telling me about how his chick is mad at him AGAIN. Slightly amused, i asked, well- what did you do?

Turns out, him and his chick had been sitting down watching tv when all of a sudden a chick with a ample sized derriere appeared on the screen. Dude says aloud: Damn, shorty got a fat ass! He is then met with the stank eye coupled with the silent treatment. A silent treatment which was only briefly punctuated by the words: you clearly don't know whats ok to say to me.

Now...i just giggled. Because that wouldn't be a problem for me. Hell, i've been with significant others and seen a fat ass attached to another human being walk right past us and said damn babe, look at her ass! Ain't no thang to me. I've been with dudes who try to play it off like they ain't looking, and even verbally "confirm" that they are good with what they are walking with (i.e: me) and i'd still say 1) you lyin, 2) i don't care if you looking- im lookin too.

So my question is, and i guess its mostly to the womenfolk, would this be an issue for you? Would you genuinely be upset about your significant other checking out another woman's booty (or any other body part)?


  1. Nope! Like you, I too would be committing lookery! ..ahahaha. Seriously, its not an issue.

  2. LOL. You need to hear me and HIM analyse other people's "assets", we are so cool with it, we're freezing. Got no issue with looking and admiring and ogling.

  3. it just stirs up the well of insecurity.

  4. Lmaoo def not a problem. Yass to "i don't care if you looking- im lookin too."

  5. It is a problem my dear
    and not because of insecurity
    but because of lust.

    I doubt Jesus was ever staring at anyone's as
    As much as we propagate this new gospel that
    a guy can look as long as he doesn't touch.

    If you even look at a woman lustfully in your mind, you have sinned.

    Stop conforming to the world in the name of finding scientific reason.

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  6. I think I'm indifferent to it. Being in a relationship doesn't make a person. As long as neither one of us is running off panting after everything we see, I would disregard it.

    1. doesn't make a person blind*

  7. Ahh my fav topic. I think it's perfectly okay to admire or glance at some of the finer things in life!


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