Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beez in the trap

More like bees in the apartment. More specifically, my apartment. Don't ask me how it happened. I came home around 5. I didn't see the bee until like 10:30pm. So, the only thing that makes sense is that this bee was chillin in my crib...for over 5hrs...just sitting in the corner somewhere...waiting and plotting my demise.

One second i was sitting on my couch surfing facebook, the next i was being accosted by flying monsters in bee form.

I often talk about flipping tables or throwing laptops out of windows...but let me tell you, when i caught sight of this ginormous ass carpenter bee out the corner of my eye making its way rapidly in my direction...my laptop went FLYING! As did I! The fact that this laptop even works in the condition that is in, is nothing short of a blessing AND a miracle!

Somehow in the night, i lost sight of the bee. The last i saw, it flew into the overhead light fixture in my dining room. Yet somehow after some hours, when i finally worked up the balls to beat the life out of my light fixture with the broom, the bee was nowhere to be found.

By now it is nearly midnight. And i have things to do the next day. So i decide to barricade myself in my bedroom and tackle the issue again in the morning.

It has been two days now and i still have not been able to re-locate this bee. Hopefully it died and will no longer be an issue for me. But far more likely, i will take a nap and wake up with it sitting on my nose. (GOD FORBID!!!!)


  1. Was it one or multiple bees?
    Bee has probably been summoned back by Queen bee.


  2. oh dear. I was stung by multiple bees once and that was enough for me. I would have (over)killed that bee without hesitation lol.


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