Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Confession, judge me if you must

I have had a majorly epic crush on Lil Wayne for years.

Yes, i said it. Lil Wayne. Lil Tunechi. Weezy F Baby, Please Say The Baby! Dwayne mutha luvin Carter!

Ever since i first caught a glimpse of him in Juvenile's video for his first single "Ha" back in 1998. Whats sad is Wayne was in that video for literally like half of a half of a half of a second. But that was all it took lol.

As soon as The Block is Hot dropped, i went to the Sam Goody in Roosevelt Field Mall and bought it with my saved up lunch money. On cassette. Talk about broke, i couldn't even afford a CD lol.

Back in those days when my walls were covered by posters out of Word Up, Right On, and Black Beat magazines, Wayne always had a wall dedicated to him in my bedroom. (The other three were Lil Zane- who was eventually replaced by 50 Cent, B2K, and the assortment wall lol)

Honestly the only thing keeping me from being a certified groupie and trying my hand at getting backstage is that this nigga is fertile as hayle. Got Trina, Lauren London and Nivea pregnant...and aint no tellin who else. I'm good on that. But honestly if he rolled up on me, i'd probably climb up on it. *rubs hands like Birdman*

Yes, i do have my Lil Wayne playlist on as i type this. And while i think he looked much better pre-facial tattoos, dude is still fine to me. *kanye shrug*


  1. Lmfao! I used to be on of you till I saw the light... can still rap every song on carter III. Goddamn Goddamn

  2. Different strokes for different folks, every bread has its cheese. I guess he's your cheese, go head now, eat but by all means make sure you prepared if you know what ah mean! "birth control" condoms.......need i say more?

    Girl you like who you like, don't even worry about it.

  3. Lmao! I confess the long long dreadlocks and facial tattoos kill the sexiness for me. I have an unreasonable thing against men keeping their hair lol! But there is no denying that his rhymes are inspired. I just love his music.

  4. *SMH* *SMH again* *SMH yet again* Lil Wayne?! Well,thank goodness it wasn't that 'alangba'....sorry,i mean Wiz Khalifa. *grin*


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