Sunday, May 25, 2014

Check your bride price

LMAO, one of my friends just posted this on her fb page. Of course i just had to indulge and see what kind of numbers we're dealing with.

I didn't do too bad at all lol. Americana tins

Go ahead and check and see what your bride price should be. And for the married among you, see if you were hoodwinked during the negotiations lol.


  1. Just after I finished my exams last week I went to a traditional wedding between a Congolese girl and an Afrikaans man. There is nothing quite like the negotiation I saw there lol!!! My future husband needs to take tips from that guy lol. I can't help wondering what my family will ask for for me. It should be interesting.

  2. LOL. Me I was a premium babe.

  3. Blessings....
    Bride price? Oh clue me in, am a Caribbean woman and don't know much on these things. So how does it go exactly?


    1. In my own little corner of Igboland, bride price is basically just a gift of a certain value given to the bride's family from the grooms family as a show of appreciation for their time and dedication they put into raising the woman. Our bride price is two-fold, though a lot of people consider them to be one in the same. There's "the list" (which probably has a proper name, i just don't know what it is lol) and the actual bride price itself. The list usually has gifts (cloths, drinks, tobacco, jewelry, food stuffs etc) for the bride's family/kin and the actual bride price is a monetary amount that is negotiated between the heads of the two families. How the list and bride price and all that is determined differs from place to place though. Some places have a set price determined by the father of the bride, some places allow the groom/grooms family to make an offer, and everything in between.

  4. Looks like majority are premium babes!


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