Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Who had the best week ever?

This chick did!!!

I spent almost a whole week away from work...at a conference...in Atlanta...at The Sheraton. Meeting cool people, getting free stuff, and goofing off (among other things that i'm not at liberty to share lol). All while getting paid to do so.


The downside: i missed a ridiculous number of phone calls and emails while i was gone. Like, a seriously ridiculous amount, which is making my return to work a complete pain in the arse. Not to mention our students are on spring break this week and a lot of the faculty and staff have taken the week off too so its super slow and dull around here.

But its allllllllllllll good.

*ETA: I think maybe Sisi Yemmie and Bobo Yomi are having better week than me lol. Congrats luv birds. We expect plenty pics now that you've won this Big Nigerian Wedding! :)

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