Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend misadventures

I went out for FroYo* on Thursday.  I accidentally topped my frozen yogurt with what i thought was reeses peanut butter cups...but it was really something else. I still don't know what. It was awful. I couldn't even finish the frozen yogurt because the mystery topping just tasted so awful. Just terrible :(

*FroYo= Frozen Yogurt

On Friday i went to see Oculus. It was ok. A mix between Mirrors and The Amityville Horror. The ending was kinda boom-boom though. Since i was in the movies already, I snuck in and watched another movie too lol. Haunted House 2. It was just as awful as its prequel. SMH. Poor Marlon Wayans needs to stick to working with his brothers.

Shortly after i was talked into going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner...i had to forewarn that my apartment only has one bathroom so if there is any digestive issue, folks might have to shit in the woods cuz i'm calling first dibs on the potty if need be lol. Everything worked alright though. And we even got a free dessert because it was our first time at the restaurant. #Winning

Sunday...the devil was working quadruple time to keep me from going to church. I could barely sleep saturday night. Sunday morning it took everything in me to drag myself outta bed. Then i noticed my toes weren't done so i had to find some nail polish. Then the strap on my dress broke as soon as i got in the car. Then i couldn't find any place to park. It was crazy. But i made it...and on time too. Imagine that lol.

Have a good week everybody :)


  1. Oh! Oh! Frozen yoghurt. Sorry. Have a great week.

  2. Lol.. Sounds like a real life fab weekend. Thanks to my imagination, I made it through the weekend. I even have a blog post to show for it. Lol

  3. Awww pele we all hav mornings like that. Have a fab week boo ........................ TLG

  4. The devil is a liar!


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