Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm Angry!

I've not been keeping up with this Mary Mary cheating scandal that's been going on with Tina and Teddy but a friend of mine just happened to post this video the other day and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

I was sitting here watching and felt that lone thug tear drop from my eye and roll down my cheek. I don't feel your pain Tina, but i FEEL your pain. It's one thing for it to have been one affair...which still isn't acceptable but ya know, but to be having multiple affairs and whatever else while homegirl is out bringing home the income and putting her career on pause to cater to you and that flock of kids she popped out for you. Bruh. SMH. My first question was, they got 50'leven kids, when in the world did he find the time to be having a 101 dalmatians affairs in the first place?!? And then on top of that, if you were gonna fess up to the nonsense, why not just drop the bomb all at once and let the chips fall? Why drag it out over months and months months so she can keep reliving the hurt with and added scoop on top each time? I swear, men can be just.... blech!


  1. I keep up with the show. My heart breaks for her, so so much.

  2. Blessings and Happy Easter

    Its all on youtube season 3 from 1-8, its heart breaking to see.


  3. omg..first off, I didn't know they had a reality tv show and all this drama was going on. Must be living under a rock.


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