Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You can't be a lazy scammer

I just got an email stating that the US Treasury will be paying me a tax refund in the sum of $185,000.00 and that i should pay $285 for the tax forms and preparation fees.

Now, first off, the email address that this nonsense came from is officefile1223@cantv.net
 Yes because that definitely sounds like an email address belonging to the US Treasury, IRS or any other financial gov't entity (-___-)

Second, this son of a goat didn't even have the decency to BCC all the people they sent this bullshnaggle to. I clicked the "show details" tab on my email and it showed 97 other people who apparently are entitled to the exact same tax refund amount that I am entitled to.

Finally, this person must have realized their mistake because they then sent me the email AGAIN, but this time BCC'd me and CC'd some other person. SMH

Abeg, if you're going to be a scammer, the least you can do is put a little more effort into it. This is just plain disgraceful. Like, why even bother if this is how little work you're going to put in?


  1. I can't stop laughing. They didn't even try at all!

  2. Bullshnaggle: word for the day, ladies and gentlemen. I need to figure out how to work this into a conversation today.

  3. LOL. what annoys me is that it's the same mails year in year out- no new wordings nothing!!!

  4. Lool. Oh trust me I get worse emails and texts every now and then. Actually to them this is a lot of effort. That's what they know. And they will get victims trust me


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