Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Grandma

So, yesterday was my Grandma's birthday. I got her a card...which is still sitting on my end table waiting to be mailed. *hides face*

So instead, i decided to give her a call (partially because my mother told me to, partially because i felt bad that said card has been sitting on my end table for like a week).

Why did i get a busy signal?!?

In this day and age, who doesn't have call waiting? My Grandma, apparently lol.

But i don't know why i'm surprised. This is a woman who refuses to get a cell phone and only has a DVD player and a Microwave because they were forced upon her as gifts. I can't front though, lots of stuff tastes amazing heated up in a toaster oven as opposed to a microwave.

Granted, it's been ages since the last time i've been to my Grandma's house, but i bet dollars to donuts* that she probably still has those two rotary phones from the 70s. I'd be QUITE SHOCKED if she even has an answering machine.

Sigh, I love my Grandma!

*i have no idea what dollars to donuts means. I just know how to use it in a sentence.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do people actually do this?

You know how when you're shopping for something online

And you type in the item name in the search bar

Say, like you're looking for a white t-shirt at jcpenney

So you type in "white shirt" and the 10000000000 results pop up

You can then adjust the way you view the results

One of the options is always "show the highest price first"

Why is that an option?

Are there people who are really sitting and saying to themselves: I want to buy a plain white t-shirt but i want to pay as much money as humanly possible for it.

Questions that need answers.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You can't be a lazy scammer

I just got an email stating that the US Treasury will be paying me a tax refund in the sum of $185,000.00 and that i should pay $285 for the tax forms and preparation fees.

Now, first off, the email address that this nonsense came from is
 Yes because that definitely sounds like an email address belonging to the US Treasury, IRS or any other financial gov't entity (-___-)

Second, this son of a goat didn't even have the decency to BCC all the people they sent this bullshnaggle to. I clicked the "show details" tab on my email and it showed 97 other people who apparently are entitled to the exact same tax refund amount that I am entitled to.

Finally, this person must have realized their mistake because they then sent me the email AGAIN, but this time BCC'd me and CC'd some other person. SMH

Abeg, if you're going to be a scammer, the least you can do is put a little more effort into it. This is just plain disgraceful. Like, why even bother if this is how little work you're going to put in?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Should i laugh or cry?

I'm sitting at my desk and an email comes through from one of the VPs. Its a graph stating the average difference in earning potential of someone with a High School Diploma (or its equivalent- which would be a GED) and that of someone with an Associates Degree. Supposed to be inspirational, i guess.

Please tell me why, I, someone with a Master's Degree (and the student loan debt to match) working in the same institution that is advertising these "average salaries" am making $1k less per year than what they are saying people with a High School Diploma make? And $15k less than what someone with an associate makes.

Bruh (-__________-)

Something about this...i don't know if i should find it comical or if i should be pissed off. lol

Have a good weekend my people

Monday, March 10, 2014

Poetic Justice

Well not quite "Poetic Justice" because i simply don't have the time or patience to deal with big ass braids down to my ass crack, but close enough :)

Sidenote: i'm kinda pretty. When did that shit happen?!?

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I met T-Pain. I had no idea this guy didn't have hair anymore. Hmm.

In less perky news, i had a couple of deaths in my family this past couple of weeks. I'm ok now but it definitely was a lil rough patch.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lupita's brother is having the best year ever

Taking selfies with celebs.

Getting invited to Oprah's crib for lunch.

Attending all sorts of swanky Hollywood events.

And being fine (if he's over 21. If he's not then just forget i typed that).

WTF man? My siblings need to get off their lazy duffs and do something so i can be living the good life too!

Monday, March 3, 2014


So...i am more than a little disturbed by how many times i've heard men say they want to be fathers but they don't want to be husbands. Then turn around and say that they would never seriously date a woman who has kids.'re saying a woman is good enough for you to get pregnant and leave single. But God forbid you end up with a woman who was done the same way you plan on doing some other woman. Not to mention that none of these men have expressed any interest in being the primary caregiver of said children.

So what we have here is a bunch of people who think not only that women's wombs are for rent (for lack of a better phrase) but that once the child is born, they don't even have to take full responsibility for it. Men are scummy as shit

My friend, as many children as there are in foster care/on the street/in crappy better go an adopt or become a mentor or figure out how to create a baby without the use of someone else's eggs and womb. mscheeeeew

In other disturbing news: There are actually people who deny the utter fabulousness of Lupita Nyong'o?!? How dare you, heathen!

And i just got into this little tiff with a chick who said she and her bf don't see a reason to use condoms cuz she's on bc and they both got tested. Um...ok. Getting tested on monday doesn't mean someone can't go out and pick up something (or someone) in tuesday. The fuck? Naive ass folks out there. I say, why take the gamble? If/when you catch something...

ETA: Poor Leo still doesn't have an Oscar. My poor baby. I legit feel bad for him. He has done some phenomenal work over the years. But SUPER DUPER CONGRATS to the fabulous Lupita Nyong'o. You know, black folks don't win Oscars very often.