Friday, February 21, 2014

Things I've Learned from Tumblr

  1. I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested. So many posts...speaking my entire mind...on every topic/subject imaginable.
  2. The world is full of beautiful people. When God was passing out good looks, I must've been somewhere stuffing myself with chocolate chip cookies...peanut butter chocolate chip cookies...from Braum's. Totally worth it though if that's where i really was lol.
  3. Some men and white folks have not an ounce of act right. 
  4. I love black love
  5. I'm freakin old. I can't tell you how many posts about things from my childhood (or even my teen years) that are filled with what is that comments. Sigh.
Have a good weekend people.


  1. LOL at the last one. I totally relate. I caught a rerun of fresh prince of bel-air and proceeded to sing along to the theme song word for word. When I was done, and feeling pretty pleased with myself might I add, I looked up to find both my siblings staring....then the younger ones pipes up..."you are really old."

  2. ahahahaha....... #1 & 2 really got me rolling....... I can relate with #2...I seriously don't know where I went also! :D

  3. Not on Tumblr, but I've seen some good Tumblr's. So I agree. And also, yep, BlackLove is the business!

  4. I can relate to 1 and 5. Tumblr is a roll in the hay. Another site I've signed up to, yet not entirely sure why. As always tumblr presents a platform with lots to see and do am enjoying.


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