Monday, February 17, 2014

Love, laughs, and disappointment

How fucking stupid do you have to be. How in the hell can you convict a man of attempted murder for shooting at a bunch of unarmed children but then say you can't decide if he's guilty of murdering the one person that actually got killed in said shooting. What the ENTIRE fuck Florida? Again with this shit. No justice for black boys in that state. SMH. I guess i do take some solace in the fact that the shit stain of a man is at least going to jail for what is likely to be the rest of his life. But damn. This doesn't even make sense. Forget from a legal standpoint, from a common sense standpoint. I swear, i knew...ever since the first time i set foot in that state...full of fucking idiots.


I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day. I did not. But thats ok. I did bake cookies for my co-workers. And i got some chocolates and some other nonsense from a "secret valentine". A particular blogger shared some good news with me. And another particular blogger decided to be a doo-doo head. But they know themselves. No need to name names :)

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and all things lovey-dovey, one of my soon-to-be-married friends posted this link on their fb. I read it and love it because its pretty much everything i've thought before. Go take a look.

Have ya'll seen this video? It's been all over my fb for the past few days. Had me ROLLING! Whats even more funny is that the dad looks just like one of my uncles lol. That would've really been hilarious.

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