Monday, February 10, 2014

Its a privilege, not a right


I don't know what causes people to be so reckless. So selfish. So stupid.

Just like that, because of one person's stupid decision to drive drunk, 5 lives lost.

This past weekend, one of the fraternities on my (former) yard lost 4 of their undergraduate members in a car accident. Some somebody thought it would be a great idea to drive drunk and ended up driving the wrong way on the interstate and crashed head-on into these 4 young men. All of whom, the drunk driver included) died at the scene. These kids were all 20 and 21 years old. Just driving down the street, minding their own business.

I just can't.

RIP to Jobin Joy Kuriakose, Ankeet Harshad Patel, Dammie Yesudhas, and Imtiyaz Ilias


  1. It's so sad...may they rest in peace. That's what bothers me the most, that minding your own business and staying out of trouble doesn't protect you. Only God does.


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