Monday, January 20, 2014


Taynement did some something about shuffling through your music playlist and typing the first 20 songs. Im bored so i'll bite:

1. 2face: Nfana Ibaga (only because that's the first song in my library lol)
2. Lil Cease feat Lil Kim: Crush on You
3. 2Pac: Keep Ya Head Up
4. 50 Cent: If I Can't
5. Tony One Week: Everybody Gyrate (its like an hour long mash-up of gyration tunes)
6. Missy Elliot: P***ycat
7. Sean Paul: Get Busy
8. Frank Ocean: Girlfriend's Best Friend
9. Ginuwine: Two Reasons I Cry
10. Drake: Headlines
11. Shaggy: Hey Sexy Lady
12. Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys: Who U Wit
13: Zhane: Groove Thang
14. Raphael Saadiq feat. Q-Tip: Get Involved
15. Boyz II Men: Yesterday
16. Xscape: Who Can I Run To
17. B2K: I'm Not Finished
18. B2K: Uh-Huh
19. Keyshia Cole: Shoulda Let You Go
20. Bobby Brown: Humping Around

The shuffle features on my phone and my tablet are much better. I don't know what kinda playlist my computer was trying to create for me with this mish-mosh of songs. Got me wanting to dance, then cry, than break something, then cry, then dance again. SMH.

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