Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to be a sidechick

Wetin person no go see for this 2014?!? I swear, the internet is full of weirdos lol.

So i'm cruising down facebook ave the other day and i see one of my Sorors post a link entitled "How to be a Sidechick" 

Apparently, in 2014, being a side chick not only is an aspiration for some, but requires an instruction manual. Have a gander at it here.

LOL, I didn't read the entire thing. What for, right? As if any man with any amount of common sense would want to make me a side item as opposed to the entree. (Not that i'm trying to be anyone's main dish. I prefer to be the ONLY dish. But i digress).

I don't understand why there even is such a thing though. In my opinion, it's not the side pieces that require instruction, its the dirty ass men and women who attempt to keep these side pieces. People have not an ounce of shame these days. Have the side pieces meeting the parents, takin em on dates, spending nights...its crazy. Back in my day, if you were gonna be bold enough to have a lover on the side, you at least had the decency not to give her "wifey benefits". The game is all effed up these days lol.

Maybe one of my new years resolutions should be to write "How To Be A Player, 2014 edition"


  1. Lol. Lemme read it first. IMA get bak

  2. Shame is long dead.I blame it on 'civilization',suddenly things that question of morals are now being widely accepted.It's a shame,really.

  3. I dey laugh o. It should be said though. A book should even be written.

  4. lol......things I read sometimes leaves my jaw on the floor!
    I agree with 9ja-Great.......shame don jump out of the window in this jet age.


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