Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From the mouths of babes

During the Christmas holiday, i got to spend a lot of time with my adorable yet too damn grown niece Brianna. Like most children, my niece can talk your ear off about absolutely anything. And talk she did. Keep in mind that aside from Facetime and Skype/ooVoo, I haven't seen this child in 2 years so she had lots of lost chatter/play time to make up for. Here are a few of her gems:

To her mom: Mommy, did GiGi call Santa and let him know to bring my presents to her house this Christmas?

Literally out of nowhere:
Bri: Auntie Jen, are you still in school?
Me: No, not anymore.
Bri (with a look of bewilderment): So....you're a grown up now?
Me: Yes, Bri. I'm a grown up now. Surprising isn't it?!?

After walking past that filthy mess my brother calls his bedroom:
Bri: Oh my goodness, who's room is this?
Me: That's Uncle Tyler's room
Bri: It is A MESS!
Me: I know
*she timidly takes a step in*
Bri: Eeewwww and it stinks in here. Smells like Cheetos!

After I made a funny face:
Bri: Why are you doing that? You look ugly like that!
Me: Aw, that's not nice!
Bri: Well..i'm just saying!

After randomly asking me if i like parties:
Bri: I don't like grown up parties. They are boring. Aunt Janey's party was the worst. I couldn't play with the balloons. All we did was eat dinner and that was it.

Again, out of nowhere:
Bri: Um, how long have we been here?
Me: 2 days
Bri: Oooooh, ok. Well our vacation is for like 14 days. That means i got lots of time to spend with you Auntie Jen!
2 days later when she found out i was leaving soon
Bri: You're leaving? But i thought you said we were gonna spend lots of time together :(

Me and Baby Girl. No we didn't plan to match lol
Man, I love this little girl!


  1. Kids do say the darnest things! :D I remember that story part in @tilola's book;
    She is cute.
    Mine ask so many questions Especially when I was pregger.
    Their innocence is so refreshing.

    1. LOL, sometimes i have to remind myself that miss thing here IS a child and is still innocent. She just has so much mouth sometimes that i actually have to stop and collect myself before i respond lol


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