Monday, December 30, 2013

Rocket Til Waterfalls

Hello all you beautiful people of blogsville (and beyond). I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and are looking forward to a super splendiforous new year. 2013 certainly went by quickly. And as predicted we are in the thralls of "engagement season" (which is my opinion usually goes from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day). I've seen so many engagement announcements, i've honestly lost count. From the one's who've been with their boo for a million years (aka the it's about damn time folks) to the ones who i didn't even know had a boo thang...and everyone in between. Congrats to them all. *makes mental note to start saving money*
Coincidentally, this is how i know i'm old. I honestly didn't even think i had any friends left that hadn't walked down the aisle yet. SMH.
Anyhow, everyone's getting boo'd up. And i'm just over here gettin drunk lol.
Making "Parrot Bay Pinada" during Christmas

Sippin on a "i just drove 7 hours from Florida to Georgia and have to be at work at 7:45 in the morning aka Red Rooster (quite yummy i might add)

Ironically, I saw this video right after someone called me talking about they are waiting to hear i've fallen in love and am bringing somebody to Nigeria to do introductions and all that (who exactly i'd be doing introductions with in Naija when both my parents are in the states, i don't know lol):

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  1. I swear oh same thing on my mind. Promised myself no more bridesmaid duties again oh. 2013 was my last. Will buy some asoebi tho. And yeah bday's in a coupl of days, trust me your'e not feeling as old as I am


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