Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Messy = going out of your way to stir up trouble, controversy, drama, etc.; doing nothing to stop impending drama, controversy, etc; reveling in controversy, drama, etc

In my life, messiness usually manifests itself in the way of flirtation and all the stuff that leads to. Although sometimes it comes in the form of Extreme Shade Throwing and Reads of Epic Proportion. If these were Olympic events, i guarantee that I have the ability to bring home gold medals.


So like i said previously, i've been ultra messy lately. Re-connecting with people i probably have NO BUSINESS WHAT SO EVER reconnecting with, flirting with people that i know i shouldn't be flirting with, and letting people attempt to set P *heavy emphasis on attempt* Here's a few examples:

  1. I kinda sorta in a way stole somebody's man lol. And boy is this babe furious over it. As in she has been like stalking me for about 5 months now. Sending all manner of crazy messages. I honestly am just waiting for her to go completely off the deep end. The thing about it is, she's mad at me because the dude that she's been doing Sugar Mama/Sugar Baby things with, has expressed interest in me. How that's my fault, i don't know. I haven't said anything to her because its all so ridiculous and she's like twice my age. But yeah, shit's wild.
  2. There are all these guys at my job- not co-workers but actual students- that insist on flirting with me. I think the drawback of working at a junior college is that most people are grown. Half these "kids" that try their hand are my age or older. And as such they chose to play the "we're both grown" card when i let them know that they are crossing the line of professionalism and i'm not about to lose my damn job over some probably mediocre D. 
  3. There's been one person i decided to give my number to since i've been here. I honestly have like no interest whatsoever. He's nice and all but um yeah. Not happening without a MAJOR intervention. What can i say, i was bored. Anyhow, now i think i might have to change my number lol. Despite all the ignoring, the guy is still pretty persistent.
  4. About this re-connecting thing. I have been in contact with someone from my past. I've blogged about him here before but in an effort to pretend to lend him some anonymity, i won't say who. When i started writing this post, things hadn't gotten too outta hand. But then outta nowhere, Lawd Jesus its a fire! A major declaration (on my fb page no less) of the torch that he carries for me is still burning BRIGHTLY and he just wants any ol' body to know apparently. The guy just dey spoil my market. lol. But we talked (away from fb eyes) and things have calmed way down now.
There's a lot more messiness going on but i think this is sufficient. Sorry it took so long to type this up. My Thanksgiving was effing BANANAS. I didn't see my own house from Thursday morning til Sunday night/almost monday morning lol. Hope everyone had as good of a Turkey Day as i did. And for those whom that doesn't apply, hope your month is off to a fabulous start. 12 days til my bday! 22 days til Christmas!


  1. hehehehehe sorry about ur thanksgiving though buh me I want more messy gist. Pwetty pweaaaaassseeee

    1. It was bananas in a good way lol. As for messiness. IDK how much more i can share without tainting my image lol

  2. The declaring guy, I like him already, LOL @ Lawd Jesus its a fire :)

    1. My bestie commented commented "awww" after his lil show. A mess. spoiling my market left and right.


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