Monday, December 16, 2013

Can we take a second to talk about King Bey?!?

So...i'm nowhere near being a Beyonce stan. Hell, i'm barely a regular fan. I don't believe she pisses sunshine and shits rainbows. No ma'am. I just started bumping Dance For You and Love On Top like 6 months ago. Both those songs came out in like 2011. I didn't even know Dance For You wasn't a new song until i went looking for the video.

Having said all that, let me say this:

Beyonce just shitted on everyone's entire existence with this new album!

Like, seriously. I like THIS Beyonce. I don't even know what happened. All i know is when Drunk In love comes on, I be in MY ZONE! 

And Partition...i had to rewind that numerous times and make sure i was hearing what i was hearing correctly. Beyonce's a freak yo. Do your thang ma'am! Even tho that's gross to think about her and Jay doing the grown-up. *shudders* 

Anywho, Superpower...i'm only here for it because the boo-thang Frank Ocean is on it lol.

Pretty Hurts...thats some real talk. But i came to get turnt on up so not today with that. 

Yonce went hard. Beat was sick and the flow was too. *sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker*

Thats as far as i've gotten so far. Oh and Flawless (which has people all over the place). I didn't listen to the whole song (the whole bow down bitches thing was throwing me off lol) but i actually did like it. 

Mrs. Knowles-Carter did her thing.

The one thing i'm not impressed by is the whole "she dropped a whole album with no promotion, blah blah blah" cuz i mean..everyone who makes an album, makes a whole album lol. What i WOULD like to know is who the hell was the first person who realized that she dropped said album and how considering there was no promotion. Because in the span of like seconds, so it seems, that shit took over the entire webiverse.


  1. No voice on the video, missy. What I wanna know is where can I get to hear some of the songs in full without having to buy on i-tunes?

    1. Idk. Just google it and see what pops up. I know a lot of the songs were up for a few hours then they were gone. I think Vimeo might still have some. Really the few that i've heard i found just by searching around for them. Thankfully i snagged a few before they disappeared lol.

  2. Lemme go look for the album before i bombered you.

  3. She got real sexy for sure, said she's a grown woman and all, lol.. I loved most of the songs too.

  4. I haven't listened to the album yet besides the songs I see on Twitter, I love the song Drunk In Love though. I had been telling everyone for awhile that Beyonce was destined to be King. She is the total package, plus she has a brilliant man with money on her team in Jay Z. That said, she kind of jacked Rihanna swag on certain videos.


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