Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blame it on the holidays

I want babies.

But i don’t want them.

And nothing in me is interested in childbirth.

I want to adopt.

But i also wanna experience pregnancy.

But i don’t really wanna be pregnant.

I don’t feel like i’m going to be one of those people who feels like they “missed out on something” by not having kids.

Hell i don’t even feel like i’d be missing anything by not getting married.

But i still sorta want all those things.

Damn social conditioning.


  1. haha... thanks a whole lot of contradictions in short paragraph.... i used to feel like i didnt want kids and marriage, but i dawned on me this year, that i want all those things, and i want those things sooner rather than later.... the only problem is i dont believe im fully in the position to have them yet... but in due time. hopefully you can find out if you entirely want them or not, before the option of being able to choose is taken away....

    p.s. my birthday is this friday, soo yeah close enough... i cant remember how much later your birthday is than mine, im gonna guys its the 15th? No?

    1. You're making feel bad cuz thats the exact date lol. Well i'll come back friday and wish you happy birthday properly :)

      As for the rest...well, only time will tell.

  2. Lovelife4sale, you are in my head. I have just worked out that I want marriage and a husband. I enjoyed my single run but all my friends are having babies and its tugging at my ovaries. I am not sure I can do itnow or whether I would be good at it but I know the thought of it warms my heart. What I can do without is the idea of throwing up for 3 months straight and walking like a duck when I am heavily pregnant lol. From watching my friends I have realised not all pregnant women glow lol. Some are just miserable the whole time.

  3. Yeah,i blame the holidays.Yo have way too much time on our hands!


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