Monday, November 4, 2013

No Shave November

On friday, one of my co-workers came in looking a little...scruffy. I asked what was up with his face. He said he hadn't shaved that morning because it's officially "No Shave November".

I told him, please don't do that!

But then i thought about it, and i said: you know what, if not shaving makes you happy then you go right ahead!

I saw him Sunday at church and his face was clean shaven lol.

I asked what happened. He said, he forgot not to shave.


PS. I wonder how men would feel if the women-folk participated in this no shave november nonsense.

PPS: this past sunday was also the first time i've ever worn pants (as in trousers, not pata lol) to my entire life. Felt weird.

PPPS: I was on the radio on thursday. Celeb status. lol.


  1. I think there are men out there who might have a mental breakdown if their women grew a moustache down there lmao

  2. Woohoo! Go Ngo. autograph plsss
    What?! At wearing pants to church for ze first time. #dazed

  3. LOL. I shave every part of my body except my eyelashes and pelvic region. I have never touched it. And this is the first time I'm saying it. X_x. Celeb,can I be your PA?


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