Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm just talkin

I heard my boss cuss for the first time yesterday. That was kinda awesome lol.

That song The Worst by Jhene, i LOVE the lyrics. But the song is garbage. How is that even possible? I've never really liked Jhene anyway. That might have something to do with it lol. She killed that last verse tho.

What the hell is wrong with Kanye West? The Bound 2 crap is CRAP. I made it about 1 minute and half into the video before i gave up. This is what happens when you play with those Kardashian chicks.

Theres no way you can sing Love On Top without doing a full out performance. And i don't even like Beyonce. But when that comes on you'd think someone just proposed to me lol. Same goes for No One Gonna Love You by Jennifer Hudson.

That co-worker of mine who is playin this No Shave November nonsense...he's looking mighty fine with that damn beard. *covers face* According to him i'm the only one who likes it tho. And he has the most beautiful deep blue eyes i think i've ever seen. The things you notice when somebody starts lookin good, smh.

It is bad that i'm legitimately upset when i go to a meeting at 11am and don't get fed? Like its lunch time almost. Why can't i get a plate.

Someone should explain how i managed to go on a date AT WORK. LOL. I swear i love my job. There's always so much shenanigans going on here.

I've been messy as hell lately. I won't get into details but...yeah. Bad bad bad Lady Ngo!


  1. Yes your'e really bad. Gist on the date tho pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease

  2. These bits and pieces not working for me. I want DETAILS please. Thank you

    You can start from the Bad bad bad Lady Ngo. Merci :D

  3. This Jhene Aiko you people are talking about sha... I saw one girl with pant on the front cover, that's where I ended.

    Let me go and listen to it


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