Monday, November 25, 2013

Being a Bad Girl On The Clock

Since Toin and ThisLagosGirl are doing amebor tinz, i guess i can divulge a lil bit.

ThisLagosGirl asked first, so i'll start with how to go on a date while at work.

It all started one lovely Tuesday morning. I had been having issue with my computer for the past few days so i really was in no rush to check it (and be disappointed again). Instead i did some work by hand. When i finally did check, i had an email asking for my assistance with something in a different office. The email was from the night before. And by now i had already been at work for like 2 hours lol. So i high-tailed it across campus only to find out that my services were not required at the moment. So i told them i would head back to my office and that they should call me if they need me to come back up. Instead of going straight back to my own desk, i decided to visit another colleague of mine who works down the hall from there. We got to talking and after chatting for a brief moment the following ensues:
Me: Well, i told them to call me if they need my help so i guess i better head back to my office...
Him: Its almost noon, they are probably gonna need you soon anyway. Doesn't make sense for you to go all the way back down to your office. You might as well stay here.
Me: How am i gonna know if she needs me though? I didn't forward my phone before i left.
Him: Don't worry about it, i gotta run over there right quick anyway. I'll tell them you're in here helping me with something.
Me: *exceptionally long pause* oooookay
A few minutes pass...
Him: ok, i told them to call here if they need you.
Me: What are you working on?
Him: A press release. But you can go on ahead and shut the door and hit the lights and pull a chair up over here...
Me: *complete look of bewilderment*
He pulls out a handful of DVDs and says-
Him: which one of these movies do you wanna watch?
For the record, i did help him with the press release so at the end of the day can't nobody say i wasn't "working" lol. But yeah, that- in a nutshell- is how you go on a date at work. Attempt at your own risk. I cannot guarantee that your boss will approve, that your co-worker won't turn out to be lecherous (mine was a perfect gentleman unfortunately), or that you won't get caught. I personally think i raised a few eyebrows when i finally left dude's office lol.

I'll get to the messiness/bad girl tinz soon Toin ;)


  1. Expression on my face on seeing the topic: OH YES, I GAATS TO READ THIS!!!

    Expression on my face after: Ehmmmm *confused face*

    You should come work for the Nigerian government. Movies all day, everyday.
    African Magic, Chinese Magic, Korean Magic and Jamaican Magic.
    I should stay off commenting.

  2. Thanks boo *grabs pop corn* So i caught that "unfortunately" though and i think you should arrange another know just because...

    1. I should, right?!? The end of the semester is coming soon which means no students on campus. I might have to go ahead and do that.

  3. HEYYYYYY!!!!!!!! *cLaps handss** LAdy Ngo for the mandem!!!!!!! We should drop the "lady" in your bad girl you!!!

    1. LOL, this is not even the "bad" part though. We were both on our best behavior

  4. Choiiii rudegyal

    *Now searching for a candidate in my office*
    But how won't you raise eyebrows emerging from behind the doors of a dimly lit office with a smile on your face ? lol
    More please

    1. Oh goodness, i hope i wasn't grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary- although that would explain a lot of the looks i got lol.

    2. Totally depends on what we are saying a canary is though and how you swallowed it

      Oops, wrong site.



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