Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No Ma'am, Not Me

One of the great mysteries of the world is why oh why do women feel the need to fight (physical or verbal) other women...because of a man? One thing that i make abundantly clear in any relationship-friendlationship-friends with benefits- i wanna get to know ya type situation is that I WILL NOT fight another chick over you. If you place me in a situation where there even is another chick to fight, you've by default let me know that you (a) are not serious (b) are not worth my time (c) have no respect for me- or minimal respect at best- or our relationship. So I have a tendency to say good riddance to bad rubbish in such a scenario. On occasion i may let you know what a scumbag i think you are but that's about it.

Its really quite pathetic. Especially if you're starting a fight over some d!(k that you don't even own. Hell, i had a friend i used to work with some years ago when i was still in the mental health racket. I guess he was dating/sexing/whatevering these two girls that worked with us. They found out about it and instead of taking the L and moving on with their lives, they went into the parking lot and start beating each others asses. Really though? All of that over that dude? Of course they got fired behind it. And while they were bruising each other up and losing their paychecks, this fool (and pretty much everyone else who saw/heard about it) was sitting up laughing about it. SMH. Do better ladies. There's no man worth this kind of foolishness. Especially one who ain't s#!+ to begin with.


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