Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If wishes were horses

I used to think that if i won the lottery, like really won the mega million style, that i'd keep it on the hush and just keep on going about my life as usual. Now i'm starting to think screw that. I'm tired of working lol. I'm tired of worrying about bills and debt and shit.

I think i'd still work. Probably only part time though. Someplace where i can still get benefits and a pension. And hopefully in my field. That is, if i can actually find such a job.

I'd still live a pretty regular lifestyle too. I certainly wouldn't splurge and be buying luxury vehicles and  25-bedroom mansions or anything. I'd definitely upgrade my apartment a little or buy a condo  and get a new car for me and my parents (cuz we all are in need). But that's about it.

Is it wrong to pray to win the lottery? I feel like it might be. lol


  1. I don't think it is wrong to pray to win the lottery as far as you buy the tickets first.

  2. Sweetie it is sooooo not wrong to pray to win oh. But after a while you will just be tired of being humble. You might not splurge. But you will be tired of pretty regular too trust me. You will move up, maybe just not be loud about it. It's good to dream jor


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