Tuesday, October 29, 2013

all in the family

The up-side to having friends who have parents nearby is that when there's food, you're invited! And you have a place to nap it off when you're done eating.

And if the parentals like you enough, you get to take home leftovers.

I ate good as hell this weekend!

Friday, October 25, 2013

too much testosterone

There entirely too many men in here.


Oh and i made groundnut soup the other day.
yes, i had already started eating it before i snapped the pic lol

Still a work in progress but not too bad.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If wishes were horses

I used to think that if i won the lottery, like really won the lottery...like mega million style, that i'd keep it on the hush and just keep on going about my life as usual. Now i'm starting to think screw that. I'm tired of working lol. I'm tired of worrying about bills and debt and shit.

I think i'd still work. Probably only part time though. Someplace where i can still get benefits and a pension. And hopefully in my field. That is, if i can actually find such a job.

I'd still live a pretty regular lifestyle too. I certainly wouldn't splurge and be buying luxury vehicles and  25-bedroom mansions or anything. I'd definitely upgrade my apartment a little or buy a condo  and get a new car for me and my parents (cuz we all are in need). But that's about it.

Is it wrong to pray to win the lottery? I feel like it might be. lol

Monday, October 21, 2013


It has been exactly 4 months since the last time i got a relaxer. I am not entirely sure what i'm doing exactly. It wasn't something i planned. In all honesty, i only stopped getting relaxers because that was a good $70 i couldn't afford to part with every 6 weeks anymore. Unemployment tinz. And now that i am employed and with a whole new slew of bills that i didn't have before (well that i haven't had in a while i guess i should say) in addition to being 6 hours away from my regular beautician...i can't bring myself to part with it again either.

So what have i been doing in the meantime? Floating up shit creek without a paddle lol. Instead of getting a relaxer every 6 weeks, i've been getting a blowout every 4-6 weeks. Only slightly less *potentially* harmful than a relaxer but a step in the right direction i guess.

What is my plan for the future? I really don't know. I wish i could just fall asleep and wake up the next morning with a head full of healthy natural hair thats the same length as the hair on my head now. This whole transitioning crap is for the birds. I don't even know if i really plan on sticking with it. I cannot deny the joy i get flipping my hair at people lol. And i have not the foggiest idea what i look like with a head full of 4c hair. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fine China

Son!!!!! It made me laugh at first. Then  i thought about it and you know what? You damn right Naomi Campbell!

Have a good weekend everybody

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I told this guy he should take me on a trip to Paris.

He said, ok, how 'bout I take you to Haiti instead? Its the same difference.

I said, My nigga...in what life? lol

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Clearly we've learned nothing from Steubenville

The Steubenville rape case attracted national attention last year because of how extraordinary — and terrible — that story was: A young girl was victimized first by her teenaged rapists, and then by the town itself, which engaged in the worst kind of victim-blaming and rushed to the defense of her attackers, who were athletes for the town’s pride and glory, the high school football team.
But in the months since that case first came to light, national attention has turned to more and more cases like Steubenville’s. Just this weekend, another, eerily similar story emerged — this time in the town of Marryville, Missouri.
The Kansas City Star published on Sunday their remarkable, seven-month investigation into an eerily similar story that unfolded last year in the small, northwestern Missouri town of Maryville. In this case, though, the rape victim never got to see her horror story go to trial — and the family’s terror hasn’t ended; they’ve even had their house burned down.
Fourteen-year-old Daisy and her 13-year-old friend were both high school freshman in January 2012, when they were invited to a house party by a senior star of the Maryville football team. Once there, the older girl was given a large glass filled with alcohol and urged by a room full of some of the school’s most popular athletes to drink it. She did, and they handed her a second glass.
The following morning, Daisy’s mother discovered her daughter, alone on her front lawn in sub-freezing temperatures, weeping. She helped Daisy into the bathtub after finding her outside, where she noticed reddish, irritated areas around her daughter’s genitalia and buttocks.
Daisy’s mom also found the 13-year-old friend was upstairs in Daisy’s room, also “confused.” Both girls were taken to a hospital. On Daisy’s body, a doctor found small vaginal tears emblematic of someone who has just had sex. The 13-year-old, who remembered the night’s events, told investigators she was forced to have sex, despite saying “no” over and over again.
Eyewitnesses who spoke with the Star, including Daisy’s 13-year-old friend, recall seeing Daisy being carried — crying — by some of the older boys out of the house into a car.
It didn’t take long for police to round up Barnett and other partiers for questioning. Barnett, a 17-year-old defensive end for the Maryville High School football team, admitted to having sex with Daisy but said it was consensual. Jordan Zech, a teammate and standout wrestler for Maryville, admitted to recording some of the encounter on another friend’s iPhone.
Within days, both were arrested in the case. Barnett was facing a felony sexual assault charge and one count of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. Zech was also charged, for sexual exploitation of a minor.
But like Steubenville before it, the town of Maryville revolted against the facts in the case.
Days after the incident became public knowledge, students at the high school began attacking Daisy and her family. On social media, fellow Maryville students began threatening Daisy, tweeting that she would “get whats comin.” Daisy’s older brother Charlie, who was himself an athlete for Maryville, was booed by his own classmates during a wrestling meet. Her mother, a veterinarian, was fired from her job two weeks after the incident without so much as an explanation, only later learning that her boss feared that her presence “was putting stress” on her other employees.
Meanwhile, members of the community rallied behind Barnett and the other perpetrators. In March, just over two months after the alleged rape took place, the most serious charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor was dropped without an explanation.
Daisy’s family moved away to avoid the threats and harassment they faced since her story first came to light. But the trouble didn’t end. Six months ago, their old house burned down mysteriously.
If the story sounds at all familiar, it’s because it almost mirrors the case in Steubenville, Ohio. Like Steubenville, the perpetrators were members of the high school’s immensely successful football team. Like Steubenville, the town of Maryville rallied behind the alleged rapists and ostracized the victim. And like Steubenville, the events in Maryville are quickly becoming a national story.
In some ways, though, the Maryville case is actually worse. Barnett, aside from being a celebrated athlete, also happens to be the grandson of a prominent Missouri state senator. Less than a week before the charges against Burnett and Zech were dropped, Daisy’s mother got a phone call from a friend who warned that ” favors were being called in and that the charges would be dropped.”
The Nodaway County prosecutor Robert Rice, who was responsible for the case against Barnett and Zech, also has political ties to Rex Barnett, the grandfather of Matt Barnett. When the mother of the victim sought an explanation from Rice as to why he dropped the charges against both boys, he ignored her phone calls. The Star finally tracked down Rice months later and asked the same question, and — in his office, where a picture of Rex Barnett hangs — he told the paper simply that it was due to a lack of evidence. He went on to dismiss the events of that night as the act of “incorrigible teenagers.”
The video that Zech admitted to filming on an iPhone has never surfaced, not even to police. And Missouri state law dictates that in cases where the charges are dropped, all of the records pertaining to the case — interviews with eyewitnesses, tests done on bedsheets, the results of rape kits — are sealed.
Even if Maryville didn’t learn anything from the Steubenville case, the media has an opportunity to show that they have. As rape cases have emerged in the national spotlight, news outlets from ABC News to Yahoo have been quick to portray the accused rapists as the real victims, denied of promising futures, or an opportunity to play in a few high school football games.

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Friday Decree

From henceforth i will no longer eat good food for lunch on Fridays (if i am at work). I just spent the past 20 minutes stretched out on my desk. At least there was no drool. And it was during y lunch break so its not like anyone can REALLY say anything but still lol

Friday, October 4, 2013

Its the little things

I went into the store the other day and what did i see?

Mutha-luvin Count Chocula Cereal!!!!!

Oh the memories. This was one of my absolute favorite cereals as a kid. Mostly because i'm a choc-o-holic lol. And because it was pretty much banned in my house. I honestly can't even remember the last time i had it. And nowadays, they only sell it around halloween. The next time i'm in the store and see it, i'm buying a box!

Doesn't take much to please me lol.

Have a good weekend. If you are like me and plan on turning up for Independence Day, be safe. Oil up them joints before you commence to twerking and such ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No Ma'am, Not Me

One of the great mysteries of the world is why oh why do women feel the need to fight (physical or verbal) other women...because of a man? One thing that i make abundantly clear in any relationship-friendlationship-friends with benefits- i wanna get to know ya type situation is that I WILL NOT fight another chick over you. If you place me in a situation where there even is another chick to fight, you've by default let me know that you (a) are not serious (b) are not worth my time (c) have no respect for me- or minimal respect at best- or our relationship. So I have a tendency to say good riddance to bad rubbish in such a scenario. On occasion i may let you know what a scumbag i think you are but that's about it.

Its really quite pathetic. Especially if you're starting a fight over some d!(k that you don't even own. Hell, i had a friend i used to work with some years ago when i was still in the mental health racket. I guess he was dating/sexing/whatevering these two girls that worked with us. They found out about it and instead of taking the L and moving on with their lives, they went into the parking lot and start beating each others asses. Really though? All of that over that dude? Of course they got fired behind it. And while they were bruising each other up and losing their paychecks, this fool (and pretty much everyone else who saw/heard about it) was sitting up laughing about it. SMH. Do better ladies. There's no man worth this kind of foolishness. Especially one who ain't s#!+ to begin with.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today is the 1st of October.

Today, Nigeria marks 53 yeas of independence. In the grand scheme of things, still a baby with lots of space for growth, development, maturity, etc etc. But still old enough to not be dealing with some of the issues it faces.

Today, Lady Ngo's World turned 3 years young. As in it should be walking, talking, and fully potty-trained by now. :)

Today is the first day of the last quarter of 2013. 2014 is on the horizon.

Say yes to your blessing and no to your stressing.

Lady Ngo for President!

I'm out.