Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lady Ngo's Kitchen

I don't like cooking. Never have, and probably never will. I don't like the idea that somehow cooking is woman's work (yet somehow probably 99% of the worlds top chefs are men...imagine that). I don't accept the conclusion that somehow you are less of a woman because you don't or don't like to cook. Bullocks.

I do like to bake though...but only because i like baked goods. I am a cookie, brownie, doughnut and pastry addict.

But i digress- snacks and the politics of gender stereotypes are not the topic of the day.

My kitchen is a place where miracles are made lol. Since i've absconded from my mother's palace, i've done so many miraculous (well miraculous to me) things in my kitchen. Amazing jollof rice. Check. Tuwo shinkafa and red stew (and fish). Check. Ridiculously juicy and flavorful lemon pepper chicken. Check. The best sticky rice i think i've ever made in my life. Check. Various forms of pan-seared and baked tilapia. Check.

I tell ya, i'm on a freaking roll over here. (Much to the dismay of my wallet. But hey, a girl's gotta eat, right?) You should see some of the jealous stares i get when i bring leftovers to work for lunch lol.


  1. I'm giving you a jealous cyber stare right now lol! You sound like you are settling nicely into your new place and job :)

  2. Loved this!
    Like you, I found a love for cooking AFTER I left home
    Must have something to do with the freedom to cook what I want...when I want.....instead of having to 'obey' mum!
    Hope all is well with you?

  3. Ridiculously juicy and flavorful lemon pepper chicken - how nice of you to tempt eh?
    Welldone, keep cooking all the good food for yourself and coming to rub it in here *rolls eyes* Lol

    And yes post pictures.

  4. Exactly! I dont understand how you can come here, revv our salivary glands (if there's anything like that) and not back it up with pictures.....mcchhhheewwww

    Be nice enough to give us recpe for the lemon chicken? *bats eyelashes*

  5. What Toinlicious and Shi Fu said...
    Patiently waiting


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