Thursday, September 12, 2013

Men as far as the eye can see

I work around A LOT of men. Like a lot a lot! LOL. I'm actually the only woman in my office, in my department, and aside from an AVP and an administrative assistant, the only woman in my entire division. Its crazy. I'm not used to this. Student Affairs is usually a women's least until you get to upper level management.

But these aren't just ordinary men. My office is in the fitness center. Smack dab between the Men's Basketball Coach and the Women's Basketball Coach lol. So i'm surrounded by big beefy staff and athletes not to mention all the fitness enthusiasts that swing by to workout. Its quite interesting to say the least. I'll try my best to stay out of trouble though. Keepin it strictly professional 'round here. ;)

Since we're on the topic: have you seen Tonto Dikeh's man?!? He's cute. And tall. Kinda skinny but eh, you can't win em all. He looks kinda young though. I'm not hatin though. Get your Cougar on Ms. Dikeh!


  1. LOL...Nothing like an office with a view.

  2. I don't know how I'll feel working with so many men around... I haven't seen Tonto's new man oh... need to get to google!

  3. *pushes glasses down nose* All that beef? Young lady, you better stay out of trouble

  4. rubs hands with glee. Plenty of fish :)


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