Friday, September 27, 2013

Its a small world

I remember reading some time ago about a married couple that found a childhood photo that the wife had taken at Disney World and they discovered that the husband was actually in the photo with her. He was in the background being pushed in a stroller by his father. How freaking cool is that? Cool..and a little creepy. Just goes to show how small this world truly is.

I had similar thoughts when i went to London. Being the tourist that i was, I was usually surrounded by other tourists, taking endless amounts of pictures. I always wondered what if i'm strolling the internet one day and see myself in the background of some random picture? What if i'm one of those random people who marries some guy who turns up in the background of one of my childhood pictures (or vice versa). Kinda reminds me of The Grudge lol. (I hope not)

*You can read the story here

While i have your attention, allow me to rant a little.

Am i seriously the only one who didn't take that 300 sandwich=engagement ring seriously? Because people were losing their freaking minds. I don't know that girl or her dude personally but come on. If you actually read the story, it sounded like she made the dude a good sandwich and he off-handedly said he'd marry her because of her cooking prowess. She took that premise and used it as a blog theme. Boom. The end. I don't think he actually meant that he wouldn't marry her until she made 300 sandwiches. Geez. I know i've offered up mangagement rings (male engagement ring) because of good food. The true path to someone's heart may not be through their stomach but there's certainly a detour that cuts through there!

Correct! (source)
Also...i don't like velvet skirts/wrappers. I don't know how or why the trend started but it needs to go away. In the past year, i think i've seen maybe 3 or 4 styles that i've actually thought were nice. And even then they were...bedazzled, for lack of a better word. I've yet to see a plain velvet wrapper that i thought looked like anything. No shade (ok, maybe a little shade) to the folks rocking em but please. Enough already.

Have a good weekend folks


  1. The way you explained the 300 sandwiches girl is just amazing, I'm convinced that you are not convinced lol.
    And that picture is very nice, 'well rocked'.

  2. I don't think the lady tookit as serious as some people are making it look. I agree its all fun with the BF and a blog.

  3. there is nothing like being serious here, the girl mean all that she said

  4. I couldn't agree with you more about the 300 sandwiches. It only makes sense that it was said in jest. Everyone I make my boyfriend something he particularly enjoys, like lambchops, he always says something like "cooking like this says I should marry you." Neither one of us takes it to heart. It's just an expression of his appreciation. The sandwich girl simply made the idea into a blog with some pretty awesome sandwiches.


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